[Tutorial] Withdraw Assets from AIOZ Network to Cosmos Hub

[Tutorial] Withdraw Assets from AIOZ Network to Cosmos Hub

Withdraw Assets from the Cosmos Network and transfer them to the AIOZ Network via IBC is a simple and straightforward process. Just follow a few easy steps to securely move your assets between these two networks.

How to Withdraw Cosmos Assets from AIOZ Network to Cosmos Hub

To begin, you need to

  1. Select "..." for the ATOM AIORC-20 asset
  2. Click "Deposit / Withdraw IBC"  
  3. Click "Withdraw Cosmos IBC Asset" Tab

Now, you have two options to enter destination address

  • Option 1: Click "Edit" to manually enter the destination wallet address from the Cosmos network to receive your ATOM funds. Please ensure accuracy of the wallet address to avoid any potential loss of funds
  • Option 2: Click "Connect" to connect to your Keplr wallet and select a destination account for the withdrawal process.

Now, enter the amount of ATOM that you wish to withdraw from the AIOZ Network to Cosmos Network.

After entering the withdrawal amount, you must confirm the transaction and initiate the withdrawal process. Once confirmed, you must wait for the IBC transaction to complete.

The duration of the transaction will vary depending on network congestion but typically takes between 30 seconds to 1 minute. You can verify the transaction details and ensure its success by checking the transaction history on platforms such as explorer.aioz.network.

About the AIOZ Network

AIOZ Network is an Infrastructure Web3 Media Blockchain.

AIOZ Network is a Layer-1 Interoperable Blockchain compatible with Ethereum Virtual Machine Smart Contracts built on Solidity. It works with the Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) protocol, allowing it to connect to and exchange data with other COSMOS-based blockchains.

The AIOZ Network Blockchain enables 1-Click Porting of Interoperable dApps and provides Instant Finality with Low TX fees while leveraging a Multi-Chain Architecture with Infinite Horizontal Scalability. As a Web3 Peer-to-Peer Nodes-Powered Distributed Decentralized Content Delivery Network (dCDN), AIOZ Network rewards Edge Nodes’ computational resources for storing, transcoding, and streaming digital media content.

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