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Problems with Traditional CDN

Internet traffic is blowing off the capacity of traditional CDNs that work based on the centralized cloud dominated by three key players, leaving us the problems


Streaming experience

Low-grade video quality with high rebuffering rate and loading time. 4K or 8K is nearly impossible in video poor internet bandwidth.


Costly Infrastructure

Cost-intensive to run and fetch from servers. Less share to content creators and other parties involved (advertisers, developers)



The utmost important factor of a CDN, also an on-going critical problem when the network is not able to handle such a huge internet traffic.

Solution with our
AIOZ Blockchain-based CDN

Breeze through these problems with our most advanced Blockchain technology. Blockchain is creating a new future of streaming. With AIOZ's most advanced Blockchain Technology, we are creating a new future of Streaming

  • 1. Using Peer-to-Peer network

    Make AIOZ a scalable video delivery network which can process up to billions of data needs in a glance.

  • 2. Unlimited nodes

    Anyone can become a node operator, run a streaming server, transcode, store and share bandwidth.

  • 3. Disrupt current network

    Build an affordable and open-source video infrastructure for developers to create DApps and media content delivery platforms to operate.

Benefits of AIOZ CDN

AIOZ CDN aims to be more than just a better streaming service and we reward users with coins.

  • 1

    Cost Efficiency

    Minimal hardware investment makes every solutions possible with a fraction of the price.

  • 2

    Infinite Scale

    The Peer-to-Peer network can accommodate an infinite number of nodes, making our platforms scalable.

  • 3

    No Middlemen

    Direct relationship between partners means more dividend goes to pocket, goes to all the stakeholders.

  • 4

    Delivery Speed

    Using the local network makes speed no longer a complaint. Time to enjoy 4K/8K or even VR videos in a sec.

  • 5

    High Quality Streaming

    Streaming experience has never been better. No more compromise on quality for speed.

  • 6

    Power D-Apps Ecosystem

    Support media streaming for online applications with lower cost and enable digital economy in their business model.


Find out more information about us in our whitepaper

Download Whitepaper


Find out more information about us in our whitepaper



  • File Storage Distribution Optimization

  • Edge Node Smart Caching

  • AI Smart Routing Delivery



AIOZ Network Mainnet v1
  • $AIOZ Native Migration

  • Blockchain Explorer Enhancement

  • $AIOZ Native Wallet Integration

  • Edge Node Upgrade
    • Settings Customization

    • CLI

AIOZ.Tube v2



AIOZ Network Mainnet v2
  • Smart Contract

  • Multi-Codec Adaptive Bitrate Streaming

  • $AIOZ Native Wallet Browser Extension



  • AIOZ Fungible Token
    (AIOZ RC-20)

  • AIOZ DEX Decentralized Exchange

  • AIOZ Non-fungible Token (NFT)
    (AIOZ RC-721 & AIOZ RC-1155)

  • AIOZ NFT Marketplace

  • Decentralized File Storage Network


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Erman Tjiputra
Erman TjiputraFounder · C.E.O
Hien Nguyen
Hien NguyenHead of Blockchain
Trieu Nguyen
Trieu NguyenChief Technology Officer
Hung Nguyen
Hung NguyenProject Manager
Quang Tran
Quang TranHead of AI

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Introduction
  • For Nodes
  • For Investors
  • For Content Partners

What is AIOZ Network?

AIOZ Network is a distributed CDN built on our very own Blockchain. On AIOZ Network, users share redundant memory, storage and bandwidth resources to create a vast CDN capable of powering streaming platforms anywhere in the world. We aim to change the way the world streams videos.

To better understand this, imagine that you're watching a video on your phone. Today that video streams from a content delivery network (CDN). A CDN is a system of servers in various locations storing and delivering content to viewers and their devices - like a video you watch on your phone.

AIOZ Network creates a distributed content delivery network (dCDN) and represents a major shift in the way the world streams video. On a dCDN, a video comes from one of many Nodes - a regular person paid to store and deliver content from their device with the help of an app. The app harnesses the device's unused resources such as extra computing power, bandwidth, and storage.

What's a CDN? How is a dCDN any different?

CDN stands for a content delivery network. This refers to the traditional infrastructure that stores and delivers content to viewers - like the servers from which you'd stream a cat video. 🐱 There are only several companies in the world who can afford to own and maintain a CDN. It requires a massive amount of time, expertise, and cost to ensure that a network reliably delivers viewers the smooth streaming experience they expect on any device and from any location.

dCDN stands for distributed content delivery network. This refers to the network that AIOZ Network makes possible, a network that runs on Nodes - regular people paid to store and deliver content using the Node app on their devices. The app harnesses the device's unused resources such as extra computing power, network bandwidth, and storage. Unlike a CDN, a dCDN is able to deliver a smooth streaming experience without the resource-heavy infrastructure. Also unlike a CDN, a dCDN benefits regular people not just the big companies.

How does streaming work with AIOZ Network?

AIOZ Network works with the combined power of a network of Nodes. Each Node can be a household desktop computer, a data center server, a personal laptop or even a mobile phone - any device that can run our app.

The app enables a Node to contribute their device's extra computing power, bandwidth, and storage to carry out blockchain-based tasks like transcoding, storing, distributing, and delivering content. Nodes are rewarded based on resources provided and tasks completed.

Together, the network of Nodes form a distributed content delivery network (dCDN). They enable video to be streamed to and from viewers across the world.

Here's a snapshot of how videos are streamed with AIOZ:

  1. A Content Partner connects to one of the Nodes of the AIOZ Network platform
  2. The Content Partner or Creator uploads their videos
  3. The uploaded video is divided into playable segments
  4. Each segment will be transcoded by a Node
  5. Each transcoded segment is then stored across multiple Nodes
  6. When a viewer needs a video, the transcoded segments are delivered by the nearest Nodes who store them

How do I benefit from AIOZ Network?

Putting power in the hands of people like you is the spirit of blockchain. With AIOZ Network, there are two ways that you can benefit: as a Node or as an Investor.

To become a Node and be rewarded with $AIOZ tokens, simply download the app. The Node app enables your device to store and deliver content while you earn immediately and passively.