November Update: Innovion Partnership & Upcoming W3S Launch

November Update: Innovion Partnership & Upcoming W3S Launch

Our journey toward becoming a premier infrastructure provider for dApps and developers continues.

Firstly, we would like to sincerely thank everyone who has followed our mission, started a conversation in the AIOZ telegram community or run an AIOZ node in recent months.

With such a dedicated AIOZ community, your input and feedback through what have undoubtedly been tough market conditions has never gone unnoticed; after many months of head-down building, we are thrilled to share that our progress aligns seamlessly with both the evolving landscape of web3 and the significant milestones achieved globally in AI innovations.

There are just a few short weeks left until we release some truly exciting products. So in the meantime, we wanted to update our followers and supporters old and new, with insight into some recent changes, improvements in comms and overarching strategies that will propel AIOZ into the spotlight in 2024 and beyond.

Innovion Partnership

In an industry piled high with “coming soon” content, our development team has been diligently building, waiting until several infrastructure products and dApp solutions are production ready before making noise. This was always the plan - at AIOZ we pride ourselves on the ability to show tangible results that mirror our public facing materials.

We are excited to announce that we have now partnered with marketing firm Innovion in an effort to considerably increase exposure, unifying our communications and letting the world see what AIOZ has to offer.

Innovion consists of a decorated and experienced team of marketeers, advisors and growth strategists, with over 200 clients in their portfolio and a history of explosive results. Previous clients include Ocean Protocol, Polkastarter and Wilder Worlds and, having ourselves already worked alongside the Innovion team during the launch of AIOZ back in 2021, we are confident that the team has a firm grasp on marketing our mission, ethos and overall development plans.

I had the pleasure of working with Innovion when AIOZ faced the challenge of creating market awareness of our platform in early 2021. Their team's expertise and innovative strategies were invaluable in overcoming our obstacles.
What stood out most was their marketing wisdom and dedication to understanding our unique needs. Innovion went above and beyond to ensure clear communication and timely deliverables.
My team and  I are thrilled to work with Innovion again in 2023 and embark on a journey marked by even more significant milestones, with a shared vision that propels us to greater heights.- Erman Tjiputra, AIOZ Founder

An array of interlaced marketing and growth strategies are currently being drawn up that will in the near future provide valuable growth in the number of AIOZ Network ecosystem partners, increasing the AIOZ Node manager community and much more.

Q4 Launch Schedule: W3S

One of several areas that the AIOZ development team has been heavily focused on for several months is decentralized storage.

As many will know, the current cloud storage landscape is heavily centralized; industry giants have a firm stranglehold over enterprise, developers and even end users. In recent years, various DeStorage platforms have been unveiled in an effort to tackle this important issue.

With the aforementioned in mind, the AIOZ team is very excited to unveil our decentralized storage infrastructure platform, W3S, in the coming weeks. This platform will be home to not only several AIOZ-native consumer dApps, but will also be the future destination for a wide variety of decentralized solutions and products, currently being developed by innovative web3 developers and projects.

Fast, Reliable and secure Web3 Storage, available to everyone with W3S.

This upcoming release is one of several overarching projects that define the AIOZ Network ecosystem and that make up part of our expansive Web3 vision. We have many announcements to be made throughout 2024 as we release more production-ready storage, AI and streaming related products that promise to shake up the landscape and offer new value to the industry.

About the AIOZ Network

AIOZ Network is Web3 Infrastructure for AI, Storage and Streaming.

AIOZ empowers a faster, secure and decentralized future. Powered by a decentralized content delivery network (dCDN), AI computation and thousands of individual nodes run globally, AIOZ rewards you for sharing your computational resources for use in storing, transcoding, and streaming digital media content.

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