The AIOZ Web3 Vision

The AIOZ Web3 Vision

AIOZ decentralizes media content delivery, reinventing the way Web3 media content is stored, delivered, and transcoded.

Our global community of peer-to-peer nodes combines computing power to store, deliver, and transcode digital media. In exchange for contributing their computing resources to the AIOZ Web3 Content Delivery Network (CDN), these nodes are rewarded with AIOZ tokens.

AIOZ Nodes

Anyone can join in powering the AIOZ Web3 CDN on their device using the AIOZ Node app.  Any user with access to the internet can download and run the AIOZ Node app to become an active node in the network and earn AIOZ tokens in return.

Storage and Delivery

AIOZ Nodes are rewarded with AIOZ tokens for maintaining storage and delivery tasks. Rewards are commensurate with each node's storage availability and the elapsed data delivery time.


Smart Delivery

AI is applied to data routing, using optimal nodes to deliver media to end-users.

Secure Data

Media is encrypted via uploader private keys and is stored securely across nodes.

Dynamic Storage

A data replication mechanism segments tasks for nodes, ensuring data availability across the network.


Soon, AIOZ nodes will be able to transcode and earn additional AIOZ tokens. Transcoding is converting media from one digital format to another using CPUs or GPUs. The goal is to increase the compatibility of media files so the media can be played on many devices.

Transcoding is a computationally intensive task that is essential to live-streaming platforms. To address this, AIOZ distributes tasks across the CPUs and GPUs of our network of nodes, avoiding any single point of failure, resulting in a low-latency and high-performance streaming service with significant cost savings for media dApps.

AIOZ Node App Future

AIOZ is building the Web3 CDN and is continuously upgrading the network. Here's what the future of AIOZ Network looks like:

S3 Compatibility: Storage for the internet.

Horizontal Scalability: Multi-hub architecture will boost the transfer of media between nodes.

Self-healing: Data duplication occurs across nodes to maintain a replication factor, improving the quality of the streaming experience.

Smart Caching: Hyperlocation is applied to cache data on nodes close to their delivery targets.

Multi-codec Adaptive Bitrate Streaming: Image, audio, video, and live streaming is seamless for users with slower connections, as well as support for static content hosting.

Bandwidth Sharing: Applying traffic relaying to power VPNs‌‌.

About the AIOZ Network

AIOZ is a web3 media network that leverages node computing to deliver modern media. Learn more about the AIOZ blockchain.

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