AIOZ Network: Uniswap v3 Migration Announcement

AIOZ Network: Uniswap v3 Migration Announcement

As Uniswap becomes more popular and guarantees liquidity for millions of users and hundreds of Ethereum applications, updates need to be made to ensure efficiency and security for Ethereum-based dApps. As such, Uniswap v3 has been deployed to the Ethereum mainnet on 6th May 2021.

You can read the platform’s official announcement here.

On 26th May 2021 at 09:56:51 AM UTC

The AIOZ Network migrated its liquidity on Uniswap for the $AIOZ ERC-20 token from the v2 pool to the v3 pool

Transaction details for the v3 migration are available in the link below:

As Uniswap announced, the team has asked all Liquidity Providers (LPs) to upgrade to Uniswap V3. This upgrade provides users several benefits and improves security. To learn how to upgrade, follow the steps in the link of tutorial below:

About the AIOZ Network

AIOZ Network is a Layer-1 Blockchain-based Content Delivery Network that is about to bring a revolution to the entertainment industry.

AIOZ Network utilizes Blockchain to better content distribution through decentralisation. A distributed Content Delivery Network (dCDN) uses Nodes for storing, streaming, and transferring data instead of traditional data centers operating on a P2P model.

AIOZ Network uses a faster, cheaper, and more robust platform for content streaming making it affordable, fast, and of better quality.

By using this revolutionary technology, AIOZ Network can efficiently change the way the world streams content. Thus taking the world one step closer to the future.

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