AIOZ Network Token Metrics Explained

AIOZ Network Token Metrics Explained

The AIOZ Network relies on two major components for its infrastructure to work. On one end, there is a decentralized content delivery network, which relies on multiple nodes spread out throughout the globe. These nodes (known as edge nodes) provide computational-demanding resources like bandwidth, storage, and computational power in order to store content, share content and perform computing tasks.

At the time of writing, AIOZ Network counts with more than 7,000 edge nodes from all over the world. A number that is growing at an astonishing rate and that shows how much people believe in a decentralized future for the distribution of content of all sorts.

Learn how to set up your own AIOZ Node on Windows and Mac OS (Linux guide coming soon).

On the other hand, blockchain technology allows the content delivery system to work smoothly by applying game-theory to the mix. As so, nodes are incentivized with $AIOZ in sharing computational resources for the storage and distribution of the digital media content for the AIOZ Network dApps ecosystem.

The $AIOZ Token: Issuance and inception

AIOZ Network will be launching the token on both the Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain platforms to facilitate the issuance and liquidity of the $AIOZ token at its embryonic stage. This means that $AIOZ will be an ERC20 and BEP20 token during its IDO and post-IDO phase until the release of MainNet in the future.

In the future, once the AIOZ Network system is fully operational, users will be able to swap these tokens in a fully transparent and counterparty risk-free way via AIOZ Swap Portal to convert from BEP20 & ERC20 to native $AIOZ

The aforementioned transition will take place once the main-net is launched. More information about this can be found on our roadmap here.

$AIOZ Token: A game-changer for content delivery incentives

While the $AIOZ token itself has a simple premise: to reward edge nodes for their works of distributing digital contents, storing media contents and performing computing tasks, this token will serve many more purposes within the $AIOZ Network and the dApp that is currently live and that is deployed by the AIOZ Team and third-parties in the near future.

An example of this is the AIOZ Tube, a video-sharing platform similar to Youtube but that allows users to be rewarded for watching content. That’s just the start, The system allows content creators to be automatically rewarded just for creating and uploading content according to the popularity of said content.

Additional features include the ability for advertisers to reward both content creators for placing advertisements on their videos and to reward content consumers for their attention and for willingly sharing their data. This is not a completely new concept: Brave browser and others have been toying with this concept successfully for a while, but AIOZ plans to take it to the next level by allowing new tokens (NFTs) to be brought into the mix allowing for even more complex and rewarding systems to be brought into the mix.

$AIOZ Token Metrics

So, without further ado, we want to share the $AIOZ Network tokenomics. The tokenomic information seen below related both the issuance of the token itself (supply, estimated market capitalization, initial circulation, etc) and to the private and public sales of the $AIOZ Network. Here is a summary of the tokens allocations:


  • Token Name : AIOZ
  • Total Supply : 1,000,000,000 $AIOZ

1 year after MainNet goes live, 9% inflation yearly thereafter

for Validators-

  • Public Sales : $255,000
  • Private Sales : $1,095,000
  • Initial Market Cap : $603,750
  • Initial Token Circulation : 40,250,000 $AIOZ

Tokens Allocation:

  • Private Sales : 7.3%
  • Public Sales : 1.7%
  • Team : 25%
  • Advisor : 5%
  • Marketing : 5%
  • Exchange Liquidity Provision : 3%
  • Ecosystem Growth : 53%

Sales Stages:

  • Public Sales : $255,000 @ $0.015 per $AIOZ
  • Private Sales : $1,095,000 @ $0.015 per $AIOZ

Vesting Schedule:

  • Public Sales : 100% Fully Unlock
  • Private Sales : 25% Unlock upon Exchange Listing, 25% per month thereafter
  • Team : 6 months Cliff, 8% Unlock every month thereafter
  • Advisor : 3 months Cliff, 8% Unlock per month thereafter
  • Marketing : 10% Unlock upon Exchange Listing, 5% per month thereafter
  • Exchange Liquidity Provision : Reserved for DEX and CEX liquidity provision
  • Ecosystem Growth : 3 months cliff, Reserved for Partnerships, User Acquisitions, Network Fees / Validators & Future Development of AIOZ

Note: While this information is considered to be “final”, it may be subject to minor changes as the market and inner working of the project and token sale progress and changes. If any changes take place, the community will be informed via the usual channels: Medium, Twitter, and Telegram group and announcements channel.

About AIOZ

AIOZ is a Layer-1 Blockchain-based Content Delivery Network that is about to bring a revolution to the entertainment industry.

AIOZ utilizes Blockchain to better content distribution through decentralization. A distributed Content Delivery Network (dCDN) uses Nodes for storing, streaming, and transferring data instead of traditional data centers operating on a P2P model.

AIOZ uses a faster, cheaper, and more robust platform for content streaming making it affordable, fast, and of better quality.

By using this revolutionary technology, AIOZ can efficiently change the way the world streams content. Thus taking the world one step closer to the future.

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