Metamask Integration

Metamask Integration

We’re excited to announce the integration of the AIOZ Network into MetaMask, one of the most popular crypto gateways within today’s crypto world is complete.

AIOZ Network’s compatibility with MetaMask is a vitally significant milestone, proving that AIOZ Network is on its way to becoming an interoperable blockchain compatible with both Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) chains and Cosmos-based chains.

MetaMask is a widely-used browser extension that acts as a wallet to

(i) gain access to EVM chains (e.g., Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon) and decentralized applications (dApps); and

(ii) manage and make transactions on EVM networks’ smart contracts.

The complete incorporation of the AIOZ Network into MetaMask will enable users to use MetaMask as a wallet to:

  • Store and manage $AIOZ ERC-20, $AIOZ BEP-20 & $AIOZ Native on AIOZ Network
  • Staking & claiming on AIOZ Network using the standard EIP-712 on MetaMask

AIOZ Network x MetaMask: Full EVM Compatibility

So far, Ethereum’s ecosystem is undoubtedly the broadest, boasting deep liquidity and the most deployed decentralized applications.

AIOZ’s ecosystem, coupled with EVM Compatibility, can benefit from Ethereum’s massive user pool, a benefit far beyond even the high liquidity and proliferation of dApps on EVM chains, including but not limited to Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, Fantom, and Arbitrum.

The algorithms used by AIOZ Network and EVM chains to generate wallet addresses are the same. Thus, users can utilize accounts previously created in the networks of EVM chains to access the AIOZ Network without creating a new account to log into the AIOZ Network and vice versa. Specifically, users use the same private key on EVM chains to access accounts in AIOZ Network with the same address.

The convenience created using AIOZ Network through MetaMask means switching back and forth between EVM chains, and AIOZ Network is tractable, so users do not need to learn how to use a new type of blockchain.

Further, it facilitates the storage and management of a variety of assets from multiple networks, including native coins like Ethereum’s ETH, Binance Smart Chain’s BNB, and AIOZ Network’s AIOZ, as well as ERC-20 and BEP-20 tokens. This characteristic is significantly more convenient for users regarding usage and security.

Mainly, the incorporation of the AIOZ web wallet with MetaMask allows users to store and manage the following assets on existing accounts on MetaMask:

  • $AIOZ Native on AIOZ Network
  • $AIOZ ERC-20 on Ethereum
  • $AIOZ BEP-20 on Binance Smart Chain

AIOZ Network being compatible with MetaMask facilitates an easy ‘Bridge Assets’ process among various networks, enabling users to bridge $AIOZ ERC-20 and $AIOZ BEP-20 into $AIOZ Native and AIOZRC-20 without the need to create a temporary wallet on AIOZ Network.

How to Add AIOZ Network on MetaMask

  1. Open the MetaMask extension on your browser (you may have to log in to your MetaMask account if you have not done so yet).
  2. Click on the top right circle and go to Settings > Networks > Add Network

3. Fill out the form as shown below:

Network Name: AIOZ Network


Chain ID: 168

Currency Symbol (Optional): AIOZ

Block Explorer URL (Optional):

How to connect your AIOZ Web Wallet with MetaMask

  1. Access AIOZ Web Wallet:
  2. Click “Connect Wallet” > Select “MetaMask.”

3. A popup from MetaMask will appear to ask for your permission to “Connect to MetaMask Account” and to “Add AIOZ Network in MetaMask” (optional)

The AIOZ Web Wallet’s connection feature with your MetaMask account has already been available. Having secured your account with MetaMask, you can use all the AIOZ web wallet’s available functions, such as completing transactions, bridging assets, and staking. Meanwhile, MetaMask will keep the private keys and sign transactions.

Signing Cosmos TXs on MetaMask with EIP-712 Standard

AIOZ Network is a Cosmos-based blockchain with EVM Compatibility. Cosmos blockchains have several typical transaction types, including staking or IBC transferring. At the same time, MetaMask is an EVM-chain custody platform that consequently does not display detailed information in Cosmos’s transactions.

Therefore, to conduct typical Cosmos transactions on MetaMask, AIOZ Network must deploy the EIP-712 standard for typed message signing.

This standard permits the data in signing prompts to be displayed in a well-structured and readable format. The signer will create a signature for a Cosmos transaction, and then that signature will be added to the Cosmos transaction itself. The EIP-712 standard will enhance users’ protection from possible confusion and online scams via a feature that allows them to check all of the information before sending transactions quickly.

Let’s look at a more detailed example via the two figures below.

[Figure-1] describes the case when users make a transaction in Cosmos using MetaMask, without EIP-712 being implemented. In this case, users will be asked to sign a hash visible as a hexadecimal string to approve the transaction.

However, this “hexadecimal string” contains convoluted information that is unlikely to be understood by non-technical users. In other words, this information is only informative for experts, who can be well aware of which address their funds are being sent to or how much money is being sent, based on the hexadecimal string.

Meanwhile, the hash that users are requested to sign in EIP-712-enabled [Figure-2] dApps will appear as pre-hashed raw data, which is more understandable for users to verify their transactions.

To sum up, implementing EIP-712 on the AIOZ Network will bring users vital improvements in usability and security.

About the AIOZ Network

AIOZ Network is an Infrastructure Web3 Media Blockchain.

AIOZ Network is a Layer-1 Interoperable Blockchain compatible with Ethereum Virtual Machine Smart Contracts built on Solidity. It works with the Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) protocol, allowing it to connect to and exchange data with other COSMOS-based blockchains.

The AIOZ Network Blockchain enables 1-Click Porting of Interoperable dApps and provides Instant Finality with Low TX fees while leveraging a Multi-Chain Architecture with Infinite Horizontal Scalability.

As a Web3 Peer-to-Peer Nodes-Powered Distributed Decentralized Content Delivery Network (dCDN), AIOZ Network rewards Edge Nodes’ computational resources for storing, transcoding, and streaming digital media content.

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