AIOZ Network Mainnet : Overview

AIOZ Network Mainnet : Overview

AIOZ Network is a Layer-1 Inter-Operable Multi-Chain Web3 Content Delivery Network powered by Peer-to-Peer Edge Nodes.

According to our latest on-chain data, the AIOZ Network presently has over 36,000 edge nodes, up to 15,000 unique daily visitors viewing AIOZ Tube, over 270,000 videos uploaded, more than 110 TB of storage space, and over 18 million segments stored. These figures indicate the rapid and consistent expansion of the AIOZ Network ecosystem.

After extensive periods of coding, intensive testing, and incredible support from our community, we are ready to launch the AIOZ Network’s MainNet with a slew of critical features and applications for expanding Web3 Decentralized Applications (dApps) within the AIOZ Network ecosystem.

AIOZ Network will serve as the infrastructure for Web3 Decentralized Applications in its entirety, including two critical components.

  • AIOZ Network Blockchain: The most cost-effective and scalable blockchain foundation with smart contracts for Ethereum Virtual Machine (Solidity) and WebAssembly Virtual Machine (Rust), cross-compatible with many other blockchain networks. Additionally, the ability to communicate cross-chain via the IBC protocol will provide AIOZ Network with a significant edge in terms of interoperability, laying the groundwork for dApps to reach a broad spectrum of users across diverse ecosystems.
  • AIOZ Network dCDN: A robust decentralized Peer-to-Peer Content Delivery Network with the most optimal cost to tackle the storage, media, and video streaming problems at the heart of humanity’s future Metaverse World.

AIOZ Network Blockchain

Instant Finality

Transactions on the AIOZ Network have instant finality, so long confirmation times and potential vulnerabilities and inconveniences associated with them are not an issue.

Low TX Fees

Users can freely transact on the AIOZ Network without spending incredible amounts on gas fees, making blockchain technology and the Metaverse more accessible to everyone.

Multi-Chain Architecture With Infinite Horizontal Scalability

Blockchain technology is the foundation for the Web3 evolution shaping the future of the Internet.

Web3 dApps eliminate the middleman role as the centralized database that stores the application state, and there is no centralized web server where the backend logic resides. Instead, the blockchain ledger acts as a decentralized state machine maintained by nodes on the internet, with Smart Contracts enabling the definition of logical applications deployed on the blockchain network’s Virtual Machine (VM).

A decentralized internet lets individuals control their data, select whom to share it with, and reap financial advantages from their digital profiles by allowing apps to function without a single server.

As we retake ownership of our data and become empowered citizens inside digital communities, the internet will once again be realigned with the egalitarian ideal of its creators.

The AIOZ Blockchain Network functions as the backend of the Web3 DApps system, as business logic is coded in Smart Contracts on the blockchain ledger.

Due to the critical role of blockchain in AIOZ Network’s decentralized applications, we want to build a blockchain platform with the lowest transaction fees, the highest transaction rates, instant finality, and scalability, as well as interoperability with existing blockchains, particularly Ethereum, EVM compatible chains, and COSMOS.

Smart Contracts for Web3 dApps — EVM & WASM

All dApps on Ethereum and EVM-compatible chains are currently deployed via Smart Contracts written in the Solidity programming language and running on the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).

Due to the popularity of EVM Smart Contracts, AIOZ Network will support EVM compatible Smart Contracts.

At the right time, AIOZ Network will integrate WebAssembly Virtual Machine (WASM) using the Rust programming language, widely used in today’s emerging blockchain projects.

Inter-Operability — COSMOS Blockchain with EVM Compatibility

Identifying a solution for cross-chain communication while developing blockchain networks is critical for today’s emerging blockchains.

AIOZ Network determines that the interoperability of the network will be a unique feature that enables cross-chain connectivity.

Establishing a varied collection of users across many chains would significantly aid in the success of dApps in the AIOZ Network ecosystem.

The AIOZ Network Mainnet is a COSMOS-based blockchain platform with EVM-chain interoperability.

With EVM compatibility, all dApps established on the Ethereum system, Decentralized Exchanges (DEX), or DeFi protocols can employ Smart Contracts deployed and used directly on the AIOZ Network without needing to alter any code with a 1-click instant porting.

Meanwhile, as a COSMOS-based blockchain, AIOZ Network can connect to and exchange data, cross-chain transfer, Atomic Swaps, Multi-Chain Smart Contracts, data, and code sharing with other COSMOS-based blockchains via the Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) protocol.

The wallet system of AIOZ Network will enable users to manage and interoperate their assets across two blockchain ecosystems: EVM-compatible chains and COSMOS.

The community of users on the COSMOS Ecosystem can use dApps services on EVM-compatible chains. Vice Versa, the liquidity from EVM-compatible chains can flow to the COSMOS Ecosystem.

Additionally, COSMOS’s future technological basis will enable it to successfully develop the Internet of Blockchains, which will include specific critical modules such as BTC and ETH PegZone. That will be a crucial premise for AIOZ Network to expand interoperability quickly.

AIOZ Network Web3 dCDN

Key Components for Web3 dApps & Metaverse

File Storage and Audio, Video, Live Streaming Infrastructure

End-users trade personal data with Big Tech companies for “free” cloud infrastructure and internet services in the contemporary Web2 era. Big Tech leverages users’ data to analyze and monetize online user behavior.

Content Delivery Networks (CDN), such as Amazon Web Services, Akamai, and Google Cloud, are extensively used by online enterprises, particularly Web2 apps or websites, to store and deliver content to end-users. Since the cost of establishing and managing data centers throughout the world is prohibitively exorbitant, these CDNs face substantial limits in terms of the high deployment costs.

Due to the high cost and latency of data replication, synchronization, and security, file storage and distribution on the blockchain of Web 3.0 dApps is not possible. As a result, AIOZ develops the AIOZ Network dCDN platform, which will serve as a solution provider for file storage and distribution and media streaming at the most affordable price.

AIOZ Network dCDN is empowered by the community of AIOZ Edge Nodes to share storage and deliver content, which is rewarded with $AIOZ. Additionally, stored data is encrypted and distributed in cyberspace to ensure the security of end-users in the Web3 realm.

AIOZ Network distinguishes itself by using peer-to-peer nodes via a user-friendly user application interface to build a network to store, transcode & deliver media content.

AIOZ Network utilizes all computers’ spare resources worldwide to build an efficient dCDN in optimal delivery speed, lowest costs & highest streaming quality.

AIOZ Network dCDN scales infinitely with the critical mass adoption of nodes. Moreover, with local bandwidth powered by the neighborhood nodes, AIOZ dCDN provides instant cost-savings than traditional CDN for Web3 dApps.

With AIOZ Network dCDN, this will become an indispensable component of dApps; like any application, today must also store files, images, videos, and audio. As the need for cloud storage grows, so does data, which keeps growing at a breakneck pace.

Additionally, data transfer in AIOZ Network dCDN will be incredibly efficient because the amount of bandwidth available on the AIOZ Network dCDN network is potentially infinite; unlimited bandwidth at an affordable low cost will be an advantage in developing the AIOZ Network ecosystem.

Besides, the deployment of Artificial Intelligence is also a critical component of the AIOZ Network dCDN. A.I. inside AIOZ Network includes file storage distribution optimization, edge node smart caching, intelligent routing and delivery, and video compression powered by A.I.

Foundation of Metaverse

The recent development of dApps in the Metaverse space necessitates a significant contribution from CDNs. Using Virtual Reality technology, constructing Metaverse virtual environments requires significantly high-bandwidth, low-latency, and low-cost content delivery networks.

Through the AIOZ Network blockchain protocol, decentralized bandwidth significantly lowers the cost of establishing trust and distributes bandwidth resources efficiently across geographies, sectors, and conventional bandwidth service providers.

Therefore, the development of AIOZ Network dCDNs is vital when it is challenging to have a centralized CDN that can serve a massive demand from multiple concurrent geographic locations.

Decentralized Video Streaming, Decentralized VR World Rendering, and storage space for NFT with media content are among the specialized use cases of AIOZ Network in enabling the platform for Metaverse dApps.

About the AIOZ Network

AIOZ Network is an Infrastructure Web3 Media Blockchain.

AIOZ Network is a Layer-1 Interoperable Blockchain compatible with Ethereum Virtual Machine Smart Contracts built on Solidity. It works with the Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) protocol, allowing it to connect to and exchange data and more with other COSMOS-based blockchains.

The AIOZ Network Blockchain enables 1-Click Porting of Interoperable dApps, provides Instant Finality with Low TX fees while leveraging a Multi-Chain Architecture with Infinite Horizontal Scalability.

As a Web3 Peer-to-Peer Nodes-Powered Distributed Decentralized Content Delivery Network (dCDN), AIOZ Network rewards Edge Nodes’ computational resources for storing, transcoding, and streaming digital media content.

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