AIOZ Network Improves Security with Let’s Encrypt

AIOZ Network Improves Security with Let’s Encrypt

The AIOZ Network has grown its relationship with Let’s Encrypt, automated, and open Certificate Authority (CA) issuing digital certificates designed to enable HTTPS on websites.

Since 2016 major web browsers like Google Chrome have been flagging websites using an unsecured HTTP connection to show users their data may be easily compromised and help users browse the web safely. Connections using Transport Layer Security (TLS/SSL) and an HTTPS connection are rewarded with a padlock icon by these browsers to inform users they are secure.

A SSL certificate ensures HTTPS connection, which has various advantages over HTTP. Essentially, an encryption layer is added to the connection to protect participants from third-party attackers trying to access user data. HTTPS has several advantages other than security. Search engines love secure websites and boost their visibility and encrypted websites that protect our privacy load faster.

Vital information exchanged between users and network nodes such as working tasks and payments transactions are now encrypted with an SSL Certificate issued by Let’s Encrypt. Via our use of Let’s Encrypt certificates, connections between AIOZ Edge Nodes and viewers will be secured through HTTPS.

When you are accessing websites powered by AIOZ Network — including and — you’ll be doing so securely through an encrypted HTTPS connection.

Erman Tjiputra, Founder and CEO of AIOZ, said:

“AIOZ Network Collaboration with Let’s Encrypt strengthens the security of AIOZ Network’s edge nodes and ecosystem of dApps”

All AIOZ Network’s ecosystem of decentralized applications will be secured with HTTPS connection by default as data flowing through the dApps cannot be exploited by third parties or man-in-the-middle attacks.

All Let’s Encrypt certificates are publicly recorded and available for anyone to inspect.

About Let’s Encrypt

Let’s Encrypt is a non-profit certificate authority run by the Internet Security Research Group (ISRG). It provides free SSL certificates for Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption and has over time become the world’s largest certificate authority, used by over 260 million websites.

Let’s Encrypt is a joint effort to benefit the community as a whole and is beyond the control of any one organization, much like the underlying internet protocols themselves.

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About the AIOZ Network

The AIOZ Network is a Layer-1 Blockchain-based Content Delivery Network that is about to bring a revolution to the entertainment industry.

AIOZ Network utilizes Blockchain for better content distribution by leveraging the power of decentralization. Unlike the traditional data centers operating on a centralized model. distributed Content Delivery Network (dCDN) uses Nodes for storing, streaming, and transferring data.

The AIOZ Network uses a faster, cheaper, and more robust infrastructure for content streaming making it more affordable, faster. This allows the AIOZ Network to provide a higher quality service.

By using this revolutionary technology, the AIOZ Network can efficiently change the way the world streams content of all sorts, improving the quality of life of many and shaping the re-evolution of information and knowledge for future generations.

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