AIOZ Network & Core: Welcoming the Avalanche DePIN Builder Community

AIOZ Network & Core: Welcoming the Avalanche DePIN Builder Community

We are excited to collaborate with many innovative and industry leading networks in 2024; part of our overall mission at AIOZ Network is to spread the word of #DePIN's potential far and wide, and that will come partly as a result of fostering connections with builders, founders and project teams across the crypto and blockchain landscape.

With the aforementioned in mind, we are happy to announce the recent addition of AIOZ Network to the Core ecosystem. This listing gives AIOZ Network increased exposure to AVAX developers, granting them access to our rapidly growing toolbox of DePIN infrastructure.

Part of this infrastructure includes AIOZ W3S, which was launched recently and offers webs S3 compatible cloud object storage to the masses, powered by thousands of global AIOZ DePIN nodes. The AIOZ W3S Startup Package offers developers 1 TB of storage plus 1 TB of bandwidth, FREE for one month!

Avalanche Core: Home for Exploring the World of AVAX and Beyond 🦉

Core is the home for everything Avalanche related: Developed by the Ava Labs team, the Core app represents the home for AVAX explorers, offering everything from a wallet extension and mobile app, to bridging and staking functionalities.

Additionally, the Core app enables anyone to explore service providers within the Avalanche and wider ecosystems - AIOZ Network is now listed for developers to explore when looking for a various affordable, reliable and scalable DePIN solutions.

AIOZ Network DePIN Products

2024 will see four major DePIN products released on the AIOZ Network:

  • AIOZ W3S Launched Q1 2024
  • AIOZ W3IPFS Q2 2024
  • AIOZ W3AI Q3 2024
  • AIOZ W3Stream Q4 2024

All four products will be powered by AIOZ Network DePIN nodes and represent a step forward in scalable, web3 infrastructure for developers. We look forward to welcoming the Avalanche developer community to build the future of web3 dApps with AIOZ Network infra products!

Avalanche developers are invited to explore the dePIN solutions offered by AIOZ Network.

Collaboration and Expansion in 2024

With 2023 now a distant memory, we have lots of plans including several collaborations already in the pipeline; the AIOZ Network development roadmap for both infrastructure and dApp products is packed all year; add to this considerable business development and we have an exciting and productive year ahead.

As DePIN becomes the flavour of the year, AIOZ Network is committed to remaining true to our roots - We are an AI and DePIN focused network and always have been - It's very promising to see this are of the industry now gain the recognition it deserves and we look forward to becoming a notable force in this niche but highly impactful area of technology.

About the AIOZ Network

AIOZ Network is a DePIN for Web3 AI, Storage and Streaming.

AIOZ empowers a fast, secure and decentralized future.

Powered by a global network of DePINs,  AIOZ rewards you for sharing your computational resources for storing, transcoding, and streaming digital media content and powering decentralized AI computation.

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