AIOZ Network advisor highlight: Interview with the Innovion Founder Dejan Horvat

AIOZ Network advisor highlight: Interview with the Innovion Founder Dejan Horvat

Our partnership with Innovion has been instrumental in the success of the AIOZ Network as it gears up for its IDO, public release, and future milestones. Erman Tjiputra, CEO and founder at AIOZ Network recalls the experience of meeting Dejan to begin what would be an essential collaboration. He stated:

“Truly, we chose each other. Itis like love at first sight, brotherly love. Instinctively I am able to trust Dejan and our hard work ethics brought us together closer to reach greater heights for one another.”

Following up on our series where AIOZ is interviewing notable members of the team, advisors, and more, today we had the pleasure of speaking with Dejan Horvat, our advisor at AIOZ Network and co-founder of Innovion.

Can you tell us a little bit about your blockchain background?

“Sure — my crypto journey started back in early 2017, in a start-up company that became famous for community management. I had the pleasure of leading a team of 81 people and collaborating with more than 150 blockchain projects. I’ve seen firsthand some of the promising projects failing to do simple things and have made it my mission to increase their chance of success. That is one of the main reasons I’ve decided to start Innovion more than a year ago, together with my business partner, Laura Toma.

Since then, we had the pleasure to work with amazing projects such as Ocean Protocol, RAMP Defi, Polkastarter, Cartesi, Utrust, PAID Network, Terra Virtua, Robonomics, Injective and many others.”

How does Innovion help projects?

“I would say that we bring value in many different ways — whether it’s through our extensive experience, network or providing some essential marketing services that every project needs to have to succeed in this market. It is definitely a mix of everything that helps the project stand out and gives it a much-needed boost at a critical time. There are many projects that need just a little bit of marketing touch to get the spotlight they deserve.”

AIOZ is Innovion’s first incubation client — can you explain why you decided to take AIOZ in the first place?

“Throughout my career, I spoke with many projects but no one left as good a first impression as Erman, the CEO of AIOZ. You could just feel his passion while he was presenting something he was building for over 3 years together with his team of 35+ developers. It was simply refreshing.

Obviously, he is not in it for the money (he self-funded the project so far) but wants to solve a real problem we currently face — a centralized delivery network (CDN). We all believe in decentralization and are on a great path to decentralize finance, among many other sectors, but CDN still remains centralized — and it’s definitely time to change that.

Aside from a working blockchain, wallet and already live nodes, Erman also built the first daap as a proof of concept to show the world that his blockchain actually works. I personally don’t know anyone who did that before thinking it’s time to go live.

I don’t want to bore you with AIOZ accomplishments, published papers, hackathons, etc. but it all showcases the strength of the team — and that’s what I always look at when we evaluate a project.”

You are also listed as AIOZ advisor — what does that personally mean to you?

“I don’t take advisory roles lightly and I always try to add value to projects I work with. However, AIOZ is special — I’ve said it multiple times — I believe it’s the best project coming in 2021. I stand by those words and really believe AIOZ has a bright future. Many projects just focus on developing a product and don’t even think about business development and user acquisition. This is definitely not the case with Erman, and even though I can’t disclose any information, there is a reason for my belief in AIOZ and their incredible team.

I plan to stick with them for a LONG time and make sure they have the best chance of succeeding in this space.”

In the end, do you have any advice for our readers?

“Buy bitcoin — Nah I’m joking. Learn to do your own due diligence and support the projects you believe are solving the real problem and are actually capable of delivering on the solution. There are a lot of people with great ideas but poor execution.

Therefore: amazing idea + great team = chance for success. Anything else is doom to fail sooner or later.”

So there you have it, a short interview with our advisor, Dejan Horvat. In case you want to learn more about AIOZ, please join our social media.

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