$AIOZ is now available for trading on Indodax

$AIOZ is now available for trading on Indodax

We are happy to announce that the $AIOZ token has been listed on Indodax. Indodax is Indonesia’s largest cryptocurrency exchange both by volume and registered users, making this announcement a significant milestone for the AIOZ Network and its community.

The $AIOZ token will be available for trading from 14:00 Indonesian time (19:00 UTC), July 29th, 2021, although users can start depositing tomorrow from 14:00 Indonesian time (19:00 UTC) onward.

As an introduction to the Indodax community, we will be participating in a Ask Me Anything (AMA). The AMA will be live on Wednesday, 4th August 2021 at 19:00 Indonesian time (12:00 UTC) on the Indodax Youtube Channel.

This latest listing not only provides an additional channel for users to trade $AIOZ, but also serves as a stepping stone into the Indonesian market. The AIOZ Network has big plans for Indonesia, so access to a $IDR fiat onramp is an important step for us. More information about this will soon be available.

About Indodax

Founded in 2014, Indodax is Indonesia’s largest crypto asset marketplace. With nearly four million verified members, it allows users to trade crypto assets, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and many others. Formerly Bitcoin.co.id, Indodax is the longest-running cryptocurrency exchange in Indonesia.

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About the AIOZ Network

The AIOZ Network is a Layer-1 Blockchain-based Content Delivery Network that is about to bring a revolution to the entertainment industry.

AIOZ Network utilizes Blockchain for better content distribution by leveraging the power of decentralization. Unlike the traditional data centers operating on a centralized model. distributed Content Delivery Network (dCDN) uses Nodes for storing, streaming, and transferring data.

The AIOZ Network uses a faster, cheaper, and more robust infrastructure for content streaming making it more affordable, faster. This allows the AIOZ Network to provide a higher quality service.

By using this revolutionary technology, the AIOZ Network can efficiently change the way the world streams content of all sorts, improving the quality of life of many and shaping the re-evolution of information and knowledge for future generations.

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