AIOZ collaborates with the University of Adelaide

AIOZ collaborates with the University of Adelaide

When we think about evolution, we tend to think about the organic aspects of being. However, technology is at the forefront of our progress as a species and society. We are currently in the fourth stage of our technological evolution as a species.

The 4.0 technology revolution plays a vital role in the grand scheme of life, and at its core, the main concepts and innovations are Blockchain, AI, Big Data, and IoT.

Today, universities and companies around the globe have been establishing research subjects built around these very technologies, and the AIOZ Network is taking steps to ensure that these subjects are handled properly

As such, the AIOZ Network team collaborates with the University of Adelaide, one of Australia’s leading research universities, to further research advanced A.I. solutions. We are eager to work with talented researchers from the University of Adelaide and help shape the bright minds that will take our generation forward as we advance in the next technological paradigm.

Why are we researching, and what are we looking for?

As Blockchain technology and Artificial Intelligence continue to gain ground in our daily lives, their applications continue to grow and receive more attention. As research lovers, we’ve teamed up with the University of Adelaide to research a vast array of applicable Blockchain & AI solutions in the fields of entertainment, transportation, healthcare, and smart city.

Apart from researching state-of-the-art AI & Blockchain solutions to build practical applications for the AIOZ Network, we also design automation technologies for robot manufacturing applications. Robots can be considered a feature of artificial intelligence, a collection of studies applying many technologies such as IoT, machine learning, deep learning, and more.

Recently, one of the main challenges we have come across and are aiming to overcome is the lack of data for training and building deep & compact AI models, which helps accelerate the AIOZ Network’s edge computing. We have also published a deep metric learning solution; an optimization algorithm applied to many AI applications.


These AI studies will be applied to tackle research challenges, but we will also research implementing these solutions to the AIOZ network. As you may know, AI plays a vital role in building networking, and it is changing how we manage our network. We believe that AI will help us boost an advanced AIOZ network, provide an excellent user experience.

Are there any challenges to come?

Yes, no matter the task or job at hand, one will invariably face difficulties and challenges when it comes to innovation. “Necessity is the mother of invention,” as we all know, and as such, subjects for technology researchers must be novel, groundbreaking, and highly competitive.

The most significant challenge is that the experimental results and the number of times testing or innovating and improving the method will frequently not lead to the desired solutions as soon as the idea is proposed. However, we must try and fail, find the reason, and discover treatment solutions until satisfactory experimental results are obtained. This is what science and innovation are all about.

Partnering with the University of Adelaide allows us to work with talented researchers, exchange knowledge and learn new things. The studies can be expanded to develop AI, Blockchain, Robotic, and IoT solutions to serve as the foundation for future AIOZ Network dApps.

About the AIOZ Network

The AIOZ Network is a Layer-1 Blockchain-based Content Delivery Network that is about to bring a revolution to the entertainment industry.

AIOZ Network utilizes Blockchain for better content distribution by leveraging the power of decentralization. Unlike the traditional data centers operating on a centralized model. distributed Content Delivery Network (dCDN) uses Nodes for storing, streaming, and transferring data.

The AIOZ Network uses a faster, cheaper, and more robust infrastructure for content streaming making it more affordable, faster. This allows the AIOZ Network to provide a higher quality service.

By using this revolutionary technology, the AIOZ Network can efficiently change the way the world streams content of all sorts, improving the quality of life of many and shaping the re-evolution of information and knowledge for future generations.

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