AIOZ brings in a revolutionary CDN

AIOZ brings in a revolutionary CDN

The pandemic-imposed lockdown has transitioned how we look at video content. ‘Marathon watching’ seems to have caught up as a big-time leisure activity with more and more video streaming services entering and emerging in the industry!

The online video streaming industry has been ruled by big international giants such as Netflix, Disney+Hotstar, and Amazon Prime for as long as we can remember.

The type of dominance these players have established is hard to challenge because building upon the traditional Content Delivery Network (CDN) requires a large pool of resources. It can be a herculean task to garner the resources because you cannot stumble on such pools of resources. Hence, many newcomers fail to compete for the top space despite having novel concepts in their minds.

Having said that, the video streaming scenario is about to change soon. We at AIOZ are ready to launch a revolutionary distributed Content Delivery Network (dCDN) which will help in the metamorphosis of the industry to unimaginable levels.


Simply because we did not focus on what we did not have relative to the behemoths of the industry, but rather focused on what the industry didn’t have and what it truly needs!

Unconventional, and original, AIOZ is here not to do the ordinary but spring surprises with its new-fangled concept in the milieu of video streaming.

So what is different this time?

The dCDN utilizes nodes to power the platform. Nodes in simple terms refer to the communication points that are used for various functions like storing, communicating, and redistributing data. This makes AIOZ a vigorous and powerful dCDN that uses blockchain technology to generate distinctive possibilities thereby opening up wider new windows of opportunity for every emerging video streaming network there is!

It is conspicuous that in today’s times, maintaining a CDN network can be a tough row to hoe because of the humongous resources involved. Barring a few companies, getting your hands on the resources to work with can be extremely difficult.

In CDN, all the data is stored in an infrastructure that streams it to the users whenever necessary. However, dCDN has the upper hand over traditional technology as it uses nodes for streaming and transferring data.

Nodes in AIOZ’s case are its community members that give the company access to their redundant storage, computing power, and bandwidth. By utilizing our users’ unused resources, AIOZ stores and transfers data, which not only saves money but is also faster.

Understanding AIOZ?

AIOZ is a blockchain that utilizes its potential and resources to create a distributed CDN network(dCDN). The dCDN network has the potential to transform the video streaming industry. By using the redundant resources of the community members, the company has developed an affordable, faster, and effortless platform to operate dApps. The users that allow the transfer of the data from their devices are rewarded with an AIOZ token for their valuable contribution.

How dCDN trumps the traditional CDN’s?

In order to understand this better, you need to understand the innate loopholes within traditional CDN’s

The traditional CDN system requires a plethora of resources to work efficiently, which is not affordable to everyone. Setting up an infrastructure to save and store data evidently requires a large pool of resources apart from the high internet bandwidth to stream the content on-demand. While some top players can maintain this technology, their potential is still limited.

Traditional CDN technology requires extremely high internet bandwidth to stream videos in high-quality to the likes of 4K or 8K, which no platform yet provides. Also, the costs for running such an extensive network are incredibly high, which diminishes the profits that the platform makes.

Another problem that the traditional CDN faces are controlling the high demand on their existing servers. As the number of users opting for online video streaming platforms increases by the day, CDN companies have to upgrade their networks to manage the increasing demand constantly.

Benefits of dCDN

AIOZ has panned out the fresh concept of dCDN which helps erase these difficulties. Blockchain technology can empower any company and with our own dCDN companies can reach out better, catering to a larger user base.

Some of the benefits of using dCDN over CDN includes:

The expenses associated with server maintenance is substantially low. There is absolutely no requirement to set-up infrastructure

  • dCDN network relies on a peer-to-peer connection which can essentially accommodate an infinite number of nodes.
  • AIOZ’s Network uses Nodes to maintain the network which increases the total number of servers.
  • As there are a large number of servers available, the streaming speed will be extraordinarily higher than the traditional CDN network.
  • The network is mutually beneficial for all the parties that contribute to the network, in terms of incentives.

The Nodes are rewarded appropriately for their active contributions in the form of AIOZ tokens that they can store in their AIOZ wallet to leverage their holdings. The company’s community members will be able to earn AIOZ tokens when viewing advertisements. This in turn provides a significant advantage to the advertisers and the streaming company.

Applications built on AIOZ

AIOZ has also built dApps on their blockchain network by leveraging the peer-to-peer dCDN network. AIOZ Tube is a high-quality video-streaming platform where creators can post content for the viewers. We will soon launch the OTT platform, the AIOZ OTT that will allow users to watch shows and movies using their AIOZ tokens. Apart from that, AIOZ is also planning to start a live-streaming app, AIOZ.Tv to broadcast live videos.

What to look forward to?

The Revenue in the video streaming market is expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2021–2025) of 11.04%, resulting in a projected market volume of US$108,306m by 2025. Adding to it the user penetration is expected to hit 18.2% by 2025!

While the growth of Video Streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video is still exploding the adoption of such services will soon reach its peak, especially in the developed countries

AIOZ will bring a much-needed change with dCDN and provide equal opportunity for all the companies struggling with existing CDN technology. By creating an economical, expandable, independent, fast, and high-quality streaming network, we at AIOZ are ready to showcase why we are the ideal solution compared to the current CDN players.

For a long time, the video streaming space has been controlled by the big players, which do not provide equal opportunity for start-ups and new companies. We at AIOZ will create a level playing field, where everyone can be part of this revolution!

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