Make Your Computer Work For You

With an internet connection, you can power
the AIOZ Network and be Rewarded in AIOZ Tokens.

Total Nodes


Data File Batches


Data Delivery

6,983.119 TB

How It Works

Your Nodes Power the AIOZ Network

Thousands of people around the world just like you contribute their spare computing power to store and deliver media to dApps running on the AIOZ Network. In return, they are rewarded with AIOZ tokens.
  • Earn rewards in AIOZ for every data packet
  • 100% secure with super safety encryption
  • Minimal Requirements and Simple Installation
  • Only use what your device can spare
Smart Storage

Hard Drive

By contributing spare storage on your hard drive, you enable AIOZ Network to store media and data in a fast, secure and decentralized manner.
Distributed Delivery

Network Card & Bandwidth

Your spare network bandwidth is utilized to send media and data, via your AIOZ Node, to users and dApps on AIOZ Network. This method ensures lightning fast delivery whilst retaining high data quality.
Transcoding & AI Computation


Your Node performs optimal formatting of media files, known as transcoding. Nodes also power AI computation within the W3AI ecosystem.

Download the AIOZ Node App

With 1 click installation you can set up an AIOZ Node in minutes on any computer or laptop. Node operations run automatically in the background once the application is opened.
You can easily track important metrics such as your AIOZ rewards and storage usage at any time with just a few clicks.
Node App
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