The AIOZ NETWORK Blockchain

It’s not just future-proof, it’s the future.


AIOZ Network is a Layer-1 blockchain built in the Cosmos ecosystem and with EVM compatibility. AIOZ Network brings unprecedented interoperability, low transaction fees, rapid throughput, and instant finality.


AIOZ Network connects a global network of user-run nodes to create a dCDN. By tapping into dormant computing capacity around the world, it empowers the emerging decentralized economy.


AIOZ Network dCDN delivers content faster while removing barriers between creators and their supporters. Whether it’s text, audio, video, or games, recorded content or livestream, AR or VR. AIOZ Network dCDN powers the infrastructure that will enable the next era of media software.

AIOZ Network Bring Interoperability with EVM and Cosmos

With a significant edge in EVM compatibility and Cosmos IBC, AIOZ Network lays the groundwork for dApps to reach a broad spectrum of users across diverse ecosystems.

The AIOZ Blockchain : Foundation for Web 3.0 dApps

With EVM (Solidity) smart contracts, and WASM (Rust) integration, along with interoperability with existing blockchains, particularly EVM and Cosmos ecosystems, AIOZ Network is the most cost-effective, fast, and scalable blockchain today.


Instant finality
Low transaction fees


One-click migration of dApps on EVM chains


EVM and WASM smart contracts


Infinite horizontal scalability

The AIOZ Network dCDN : See for yourself

Traditional CDNs keep media locked away in private servers. A dCDN powered by AIOZ Network, however, distributes that media across network of global nodes run by users. It removes middlemen, redistributes control, and rewards the creators who produce content, the viewers who engage with it, and the users who run nodes via $AIOZ.

Media Universe

AIOZ Network powers a new era of media ecosystem. Its distributed network of user-run nodes enables faster, more efficient, and affordable delivery of any and all media, whether it's audio, video, livestreaming or gaming. Through collective computing capacity, AIOZ Network provides the infrastructure that will construct the Media Universe & Metaverse.